Paint It Sweet

Hannah Wilkinson

Hannah Wilkinson is an inspiring artist since the time she was 8 years young and old enough to hold a paint brush. She graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelors in Fine Art in 2012. The following year she helped create a huge mural for the City of Louisville on the underpass of 264 and Bardstown Rd. She became the founder of Paint It Sweet in 2014 and she began traveling all over Louisville hosting parties in homes and local restaurants.

Hannah has grown Paint It Sweet to the point where she can now help raise money and awareness by donating to many different causes in the community. These causes include elementary schools, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the Sickles Cell foundation and more.

She loves working with children and is a substitute teacher by day but has stretched her focus far beyond the classroom with her mobile art studio! Hannah is very patient with everyone she meets and loves to engage her audience by encouraging creativity with a positive and unique approach. Her goal is to teach everyone, regardless of skill level, to find their inner artist!


Explore Your Inner Artist

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